Personal Information


My name is 高雨辰 Gino,一位工作30年,從職業軍人到深耕於XR元宇宙發展的執行者。

Work Experience


Tymi Group of America, Inc.


7 years


– Head of Houston branch office and the showroom.– Houston office business operations and the machines selling: 1. Marketing – Advertising on the printing magazines, AD design2. Sales – Countries in North America: Canada, United States and Mexico3. Machine assembling and test running4. Machine logistics – import and export (sea & land)5. Engineering – coordinator of the multinational engineering teams from the US, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Mexico and Canada 6. Established broker system and technical service team in North America. 7. Exhibitions – Planned the Print’01 Expo & Head of the Print 05 Expo, both held in McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. (the largest world print show held once every 4 years)

Job title

Marketing Manager

Education Background


Augusta Technical College


Printing and Graphic Technology

Start date

July 1998

End date

April 2000