User Guide

Group Functions


 A Group could have organizers / Facilitators / Students


A Group could have its own forum for discussion of different topics


A Group could have its sub-groups to further divide its members into smaller groups



A Group could have its common courses for group members to study

A Group could have its documents and file management for members to access

A Group could have its albums to store pictures and videos


A Group could broadcast its messages to members


You can invite other members to join your group

Join Group

Join Group

Apply to join public group



Apply to join private group

Waiting for group admin to approve




Invite Member

Invite member

Invite member to join group

Group page > Send Invites > Chose member > enter message and send it.

When invitation was submit, the invited member will get notification.

Member Role in Group

Member Role in Group

Organizer can change the role of member

Group page > Manage > Members 

Send Group Message

Select a Group, and follow below steps :



Participate in discussions and replies

Create or participate discussions

Go to forums and you can find discussions and replies 

Personal page > Forums 

You also can find Forums in drowdown menu


Create Course

Create Course

Find Dashboard in dropdown menu 


If you already became an instructor :

Go Dashboard > ADD A NEW COURSE

If you are Not an instructor yet :

Go Dashboard > click “BECOME AN INSTRUCTOR”

The application will take 1-3 working days.The rejected application will receive a notification. If you have any other question, please contact us

Assign Course

Assign Course

Assign course to group

Add new a course (edit course) > Course Info

Select the group you want to assign this course to

Change Login Info & Password

Please click “Account”->”Login Information”